The Burlap Shuffle

by mural gleeous

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released August 15, 2012

songs by Mike Gillis
recorded at Foundry, Rogue Island, and Monarch Studios, Seattle, WA
produced by Moore Huffman and Mike Gillis
engineered. mixed, and mastered by Moore Huffman
additional engineering by Pierre Ferguson



all rights reserved


mural gleeous Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Indican Blue Wolf
Some have a lot of gear to get down or throw out here while there is still a backing off and rash of time. The knowledge of pasts are gradually broken down (plus, is irrelevant, eventually).

I'm mind over wealthy (healthy night ashes). But by day, you hear me care, do we dare and take the stairs (this spiral case uncoiling on up past that third window)? Go on. Make me a liar. Quite the devout after all. Worshiping toes to crown (fairer eyes sharing in that they're all home towns..?). The suddenly intense, unhitched trailer can only remain safe (speed-wise) for a brief while. Limits and stopping points apparently work (thus, must be obeyed or else "or else" continues..?). The ride is unexpectedly beautiful, though, for as long as we rallentando upon the road.

Causing no harm to bystanders (similar vehicle forms in motion, merely less attached now).
Track Name: Agra Walking Through the Visible Wall
The face of joy
Can be difficult
Mere presence makes us remember there are other things, too
Live on
A little lazy
Good to know you're out there

Seeing the place of ploy
Imagine that
A here missive
Live on quietude degrees
A little crazy
Good to know
You're out there and would surely lighten this room
Freeing the space
Oh, boy
That a girl

Being the face of joy is enough as well
Mere presence presents nerf ideas you know
And who needs more things?
Without hesitance
Gives off love indicative of the source unfinalizable
Many aware waaay Eastern are experiencing "aite" tonight, also
Track Name: Inc. Town Dashes (picnic song)
Contributions rule
Predictions drool
What's a transpire?
Cute calendar
How should it all come and go at that time?
How would you like it all to seem then?
Now is still ivory-tusked
Elicits, "...what?" upon a shine
Beyond the trunk
The room dissolves
No way to clock eyes fine with climbing up
How would you like it all near to be?
Could we have quite the expanse here and such inner reaches
This blank whole hollow to rotate around?

Equal lights of the spinning molten
Flying so fast and so well...

About the running leg sacked
Track Name: Brooke Blanco, Heartbreak Skin
I'm up here
You're sincere
Stoking my memory
I have loose might
Touch and be touched?
Not yesterday
Truth is
I've found a wondrous pace
But it borders on poor limb venture
And sure enough
That tug to be better at exterior hits me heart
Do you enjoy dropkicking plans that smother the water?
S'why I speak down there
Birds and planes don't make a tortoise freak

The heart tug thingamajig
In addition
Moves me to slowly whittle away at the dry safety net
Could go either way...
As well
Is the part the old middle plays
Just hope for a masterpiece and now
Coming to with you
Track Name: It'd (really) nice to fit snug/become resigned to one's role there amongst the fair weather commentaries and kids at home growing up too fast/sure/be nice to get in on it/be nice to make sense/become aligned with your soul/there amongst the common style commentaries with mouths of foam showing/seldomly/sure be nice to get some off of it/oh/service/becoming those lofty goals/one slice of birth cake will suffice here/always nice to get good at it/sure is/sure is/sure is
Track Name: Just Compelled
Now really
Just wanted someone to know
Never would I stray too far from the bed in significance levels
That would sort of be a phooey side to take
In light of the future porch laughter bound to sweetly emerge
Regardless of relative waste shootings

Types like ami go arching along with a lost energy
Accept a present gratefully as if flowers
Touching thank you cards
Even have the nerve to go foreign lands during apt interludes
Within weeks through the years
Sitting still
Good enough for the economy
I guess
But really only want someone to know